jade lono - 13TH OF JUNE 2019

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Summer is coming soon and we would like to give you some tips to make your walks safer with your dog this summer.   Our first tip is to check the outside temperature before you leave. Summer often brings very hot temperatures. Unfortunately, these can cause heat stroke, which is very dangerous. Why is your dog more likely than you to heat stroke? The answer is simple, in fact, the only ways for dogs to cool their body temperature are by the pads, as well as by the mouth. Dogs do not have skin pores like us. Not to mention their fur! It is therefore preferable to take some measures into account in order to have more enjoyable walks this summer. Is not it ?  


For cooler walks this summer, here's what we recommend:  


1. During heat waves, remember to take your walks in the morning or evening when the temperature is cooler.


2. Take shorter walks!  


3. If you are walking on the asphalt with your dog, take the time to apply a cushion balm to prevent burns. Do not forget to alternate between the surfaces. If you can walk on the grass, do it! Did you know that our company sells cushion balms? Get one today, ideal for both summer and winter.


4. Take breaks during your walk in the shade to allow your dog to rest.


5. Always bring with you a bottle of water and a retractable bowl, or a bottle of dog water to hydrate your dog, throughout your walk.


6. Do you have access to a watercourse during your walk? A small swim, why not?  


7. Some breeds of dogs have more trouble cooling off. Did you know ? Is your dog part of one of these breeds? Brachycephalic dogs are among them. (These dogs belong to these breeds: French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Boxer, Carlin, Shih-Tzu, Pekingese, Cavalier King Charles, Belgian Griffin ... They have as a common characteristic a flattened face and a skull wider than long.) Take some minutes to find out if your dog is one of them. If so, take more important steps to refresh your dog.


8. Stay alert to signals of heat stroke. Excessive gasping, heavy saliva, vomiting, weakness. Do you think your dog is having heat stroke? Go directly to the vet and avoid giving your dog water or ice.


9. Did you know that some of your neighbors use chemicals to accelerate grass growth on the ground? Stay alert, posters often warn you if it's safe to walk on the floor. Some will tell you if their treatment is pesticide-free. If you have your lawn treated, consider using a pesticide-free treatment and indicate on your lawn if people can move around. In fact, the treatments can cause irritation, pain and even worse, if the dog licks his legs having touched chemicals with pesticides, it can cause vomiting, a great discomfort and endanger the health of the dog. animal.


10. Make sure your dog's vaccines are up to date. Also, avoid walking in tall grass to stay away from fleas and ticks! 


We hope you have given good advice to enjoy pleasant walks with Pitou this summer.

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