In collaboration with the company Cynial canin, Les mordus services canins offers dog training. Geneviève Mercier, a dog trainer, is there to help you develop a harmonious relationship with your dog. Member of the group of canine stakeholders of Quebec and with 13 years of experience in the canine field, Geneviève is the person to contact to help you with the education of your dog.


Personal experience that allows us to offer you realistic solutions. Medical training: very few people know these what, so can be written in parenthesis (training to facilitate care and veterinary visit) Behavioral grooming: do not specify that the room is in MTL, because I also offer the coaching service for those who groom their dogs at home and it would take too long to write all that. So just say behavioral grooming.

personalized services according to the needs and lifestyle of each client.

work in rapid and efficient adaptation according to the dog's personality.




Education and behavior


Obedience (3 level)

Behavioral therapy (problematic behavior) Desensitization

Walking on a leash

Medical training

Behavioral grooming

And more ... get informed

Special courses

Fancy Dog sports (initiation and personalized practice)

The adoption assistance service as you had already written P

ersonalized coaching for convalescence


  • Medical training 

  • Désensibilisation 

  • Toilettage comportemental 

  • Multi dog houses


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