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Les Mordus services canins offer you an exceptional experience in order to offer your dog quality daily walks. Indeed, we offer individual dog walking, in small groups, game periods and educational walks; in the sectors of Châteauguay, Mercier and Léry. We offer many other services in Montérégie such as home pet sitting and specialized animal transport.

Did you know that during our walks and play periods we take advantage of the time spent with your dog to practice basic training? Indeed, mental stimulation also allows your dog to spend his daily energy.


Do you have your dog's needs at heart but your work schedule does not allow you to take care of your dog as you would like? Would you like to spend more time with your children and your partner after your workday? All are good reasons to hire a dog walker. Are you doing your homework and would like to hire a professional? You are in the right place, our professional walkers work in positive reinforcement and offer you personalized service according to your needs and those of your dog.

We offer you much more than walks, choose between walks, play periods, pee breaks. Why is it important for your dog to take regular walks? The answer is simple. In fact, just like humans, dogs need daily physical activity to stay healthy. They also need to be outside. Walking keeps your dog in good physical and mental condition. Exercise reduces boredom and anxiety in animals.


This activity allows him to have company during the day. At Les Mordus services canins, we offer you to treat your little ones as if they were our own. We offer you a quality service, adapted to your needs and those of your dogs. Happiness, physical activity, basic training, spending time outdoors, the perfect recipe to keep your dog occupied during your long working days.


the benefits for your dog

- Break boredom and loneliness

- Reduces anxiety

- Maintaining physical fitness

- Maintenance of psychological balance

- Socialization

- Energetic cost

- Prevents certain diseases

- Weightloss

- Reduces certain behavioral problems

is my dog missing some mental stimulation?

- My dog ​​has several unpleasant behavior problems; yelping, destruction, overexcitement In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

- My dog ​​has a lot of energy when I come home from work In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


- My dog ​​seems to be overweight

choosing my type of walk



Private walks allow your dog to burn off his energy during the day. During our walks, we take the opportunity to practice basic obedience with your dogs in order to offer them stimulating walks. We provide personalized service for each client. The goal is to offer company and a good energy expenditure. The private promenade is ideal for sniffing the ground, changing routes often, going to parks etc. Walk of 30 minutes or 1 hour. Several packages available.



Physical exercise, mental stimulation, masticatory activity, practice of tricks. All options are possible in order to expend your dog's energy. Period of games in the yard and a stroll? Why not ! The goal is to offer an activity that meets the needs of your dog in addition to keeping him company. Period of 30 minutes or 1 hour. Several packages available.



Group walks allow your dog to use up his energy to the maximum. Thanks to this service, we meet many of your dog's needs; physical exercise, mental exercise through training as well as the need to spend time with others. Sports walk of 1 hour or 3.5 kilometers. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. - Socialized - Must be comfortable with dogs - Does not react to dogs or outside distractions.


- Ethical profesional services

- Different packages

- Safe equipment

- Qualified staff

- Four season walks

- Insurance

- Freash water

- Basic training

- Personalised service

- Contract

- Many options for payment

- Gps recording


packages and prices

how does it work ?

1. Book your first consultation with the business owner

2. Complete our questionnaire which will be sent to you by email

3. First consultation and opening of the file.

4. Beginning of walks


Please note that Les Mordus services canins is a company offering dog walking services. If you want to train your dog for walking on a leash, we will refer you to our trainer. Each walk will be recorded and sent at the end of each week.

area of services




monday to friday 8h00 to 17h00

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- Taxes are not included

- These prices can change

- First consultation is mandatory before any type of services

- Some conditions apply