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The dog walk is an essential activity for your dog. We offer you several walking options as well as several packages to help all guests. With our walking service you can spend more time relaxing. 



Play periods are a service created to meet all the needs of your dogs. We offer mental stimulation activities, odour detection, locomotive activities, chewing activities, tag games, all in the comfort of your home. You can even customize the service % on a walk and the other during play time for a full dog. The rates are the same as for walks. see the page of walks for the rates:



Our dogs spend a lot of time alone at home during your working days. It is very unpleasant for a dog to wait 8 hours before being able to do its needs. That’s why we offer you the service of pee break. Ideal for learning cleanliness for puppies, for incontinent older dogs or for all customers who wish to offer their dogs a pee break.



Are you going on a trip or for a few days and you need to keep your pet? No problem! We invite you to visit your pets at home during your absence. A multitude of options are available to you. For cats, we offer home visits. For dogs we offer the days, nights, weekend at home for long stays and home visits if you leave for supper, for example. It is an ideal service if you have several animals at home or if your dog is responsive to dogs or stressed by changes in environment.



Transportation service is useful for people who want to go to an appointment with their pet. If you don’t have the accessories 
regulatory to do it or just no car this service is perfect for you! Veterinarian, board, grooming we are here to help you.



We clean up the mess in the yard. Yes, yes, some packages available.



In collaboration with Cynial Canine. Having a balanced dog is not always easy. Does your dog show you behaviors that you would like to work with? When it is time to choose your canine educator, it is very important to make sure that your canine educator works in a positive way by aiming for the welfare of the animal. Our canine educator will take care of you. Behavioural consultation, behavioural grooming, kindergarten, obedience classes and educational walks.